Monday, May 6, 2013

Stressful Fun By JLee

Stressful Fun
By Janet Lee

With a degree in Art and a good 'eye',  I feel comfortable that I will be able to make AdventureUS2 quite comfortable for Michael and I.  However, the journey from thirty-year-old angry-maroon salon seating to comfortable and appealing just may prove to be 'stressful fun'. 

When The Contessa came to us in July of 2012, I decided to redo the salon seating. Countless hours were spent amidst books and swatches at a local upholstery business.  I thought I knew what I wanted but once knee deep in sample books, I figured out that I only knew what I DIDN'T want! 

This was supposed to be fun.  When I told my friends what I was doing they would reply, "Oh! What fun!"  After a few weekends of searching for the perfect fabric I came to the conclusion that my friends had a sick sense of humor!

With my daughter Erica's wedding approaching, I decided to put this project on hold until after the big event.  I never thought it would take so long to decide.  But, if you think about it, there are many things to consider when choosing fabric. It needs to be durable and not hold moisture.  It needs to be peaceful.  It definitely needs to be stain resistant because we love our wine.  And, Michael and I both need to like it.  .... for a long, long time! 

Once the big wedding event was over, I was not in a rush to begin the challenge all over again, remembering how much 'fun' it was the first time around.

Phase ll
Keep on keeping on!
Michael suggested that we find someone we liked and give them a small project to see the quality of their work and how well they followed our instructions.  We asked around and came up with a woman who many people said was one of the best in the area.  I met with her and we clicked.  Her challenge was to make a windless cover.  I sent her a picture of exactly what we wanted.

What we wanted


What we got


Phase lll  
Find a new upholstery shop.

One afternoon I convinced Michael to go with me to Island Furniture in Seabrook, Texas..   I went in there once and discovered some wonderful items that we could use in decorating our boat.  While walking around, Michael noticed a fabric section.  Turns out they do upholstery!  With a store front as a middle-man, we assumed it would be pricy, but we liked Denise and decided to have her come out and give us an estimate.  To our surprise, it was reasonable! 


So, tomorrow I start the 'fun' all over again.  This time it will be different.  Denise knows what we DON'T want and I am hopeful she will have samples already pulled for me to view. 

To be continued....