Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Floor Has Been Ripped Out From Under Our Feet

Let me brag on My Michael for a moment.  Not only because of his total commitment to our lives and events, but also for his sincere dedication to the completion of S/V, Adventure US 2.

Regarding our personal events:
You may recall my mom has been visiting from the da Burgh (Pittsburgh, for you non BLACK and GOLD fans) for the last three weeks.  Michael has been nothing but the most remarkable and  accommodating man two women living (temporarily) under one roof could ever hope for.
Regarding Adventure US 2:
A few months ago Michael pulled a section of the floor out of the aft cabin to see if he could refinish it.  Home it came in the back of his Expedition and into the garage.  I am not sure what prompted him to start this project, or even to  research replacement, other than he did not like the hinges on the access hatches to the under-floor mystery holes, or the way the floor was framed-out around the perimeter.  Whatever it was, he has begun the process of upgrading Adventure Us 2's sole.
After weeks of research and a few phone calls he decided to get a few estimates for the work he wanted to do.  After talking to a number of different tradesmen he made a decision on a craftsman and set a date for the installation.  He did however resolve to do the demolition of the old floor himself.  The scheduled installation date of the new floor, is/was July 9th, so he spent 3 days on his knees tearing the floor out over the Fourth-of-July holiday.

My Hero!

Today begins the installation and I can't be more excited to see and post the final product!