Thursday, August 15, 2013

Things I will NOT miss

After posting Things I Will Miss  I feel compelled to make a post of 'Things I Won't Miss', or as I like to say: "miss me nots".  The list of  items I want to escape is so long that I really don't know where to start.  I guess there is no better place to start than with my "self".

Don't get your hopes up.  This is not going to be an admission of personality flaws or personal short comings that I will try to overcome while we are sailing to greener pastures.  Although I will admit, if I thought about it really, really, really hard, I could probably come up with at least one personality trait I could cast off and not miss.  But for the time being, and the task at hand, please allow me to start with something a little bit more challenging to comprehend and higher up on my list of miss me nots:  stifling undergarments. 

Victoria Secret makes a lot of money by promoting beautiful, sexy, young, gorgeous pixies wearing stunning under garments.  I understand the role advertising plays in our concept of identification, and I don't fault anyone or any company for publicizing their products.  However, what I experience while wearing a female upper-body intimate is: I feel like I'm shackled with chains behind an iron gate.

I am a baby boomer that grew up in the 60's and 70's, and as far as I'm concerned the most important issue to emerge from the woman's liberation movement was physical liberation.  (Thank you Germaine Greer.)   Women commonly wear OSBHs to conform to various social pressures norms such as a dress codes, or because they believe they prevent certain assets  physical attributes from saggingSome feminists even consider these form fitting devices of torture symbols of the repression of women's bodies.  I personally find it very difficult to stifle the exhilaration I feel every time I free myself from this contraption.  I will not miss the feeling of repression I feel by wearing one to satisfy today's business dress code.

My second miss me not is the current political climate in this country.  If you know me, you know I do not hesitate to speak freely (while one still can) about political crap.  With the administration currently in control, I sincerely worry about the future of this great country.  Nuff said.

Schedules.  I don't know anyone who would not like to wake with the entire day ahead of them to fill it how they want, when they want, where they want, and with whom they want.  I don't mind waking before the sun, but spending exactly half the hours in the day traveling to work, being at work, and coming home from work is too much for me to handle these days.  The remaining 12 hours in the day do not leave enough time to live.  I guess that is why everyone looks forward to the weekend; just so they can catch up on stuff that didn't get done during the week.

I hate the traffic in Houston and I will not miss it in the least.  I don't want to turn this into a personal rant, but as far as I'm concerned the old saying: lead, follow, or get out of my the way applies perfectly.   I think I should automatically be moved to the front of the every traffic jam.  And further more I should be placed at the front of every line, not just traffic lines, because I know how to keep the line moving.  If you live in Houston, and you see me coming in my Corvette, just move over and let me lead pass, cause I know where I'm going and I know how to get the job done to my satisfaction  there.

I am going to combine two miss me nots into one: phones and rude people.  Many years ago when I managed several Budget Rent A Cars, I swore that I would never have another job that had anything to do with answering phones.  I took a break from the corporate world to raise two daughters, but I am now back in the work force, and guess what I do for a living? That's right, I'm in reception for a large law firm in downtown Houston with nearly a hundred attorneys and support personnel.  Let me keep it light and not make any rude comments about the individual people who call.  Let me just say: I will not miss the constant buzzing of the phones and having to repeat myself  to people who respond by saying  "Huh?" or "why did you call me?" , or "I saw this number on my cell."  Let's not forget about the people who scream into the phone at their kids, husband, or pet turtle while trying to talk to me.  And then there are people who immediately call back and say, "you put me to some one's voice mail."  "Oh, I'm sorry.  It's a huge law firm."  I don't know when leaving a voice message became the equivalent of rocket science.  Here's a hint for you; If they do not answer their phone, leave a message.  How else will they know to call you back?   Don't hang up and call back.  Grrrrrr! Ohhmmm.