Monday, September 16, 2013

Amazing Women by Janet Lee

One of the group members from the Facebook page, 'Women Who Sail' read our blog,, and invited me to join their page.  

After being exposed to the Facebook page for a few weeks, I am amazed at the talent, dedication, and versatility these women radiate.  They are all so welcoming, friendly, and ready to share their wealth of knowledge with other women who have a love for sailing and adventure.   I find their points of view inspirational and welcome their estrogen into my life.  Although, it has been brought to my attention, by one of the members, that not all of them still have estrogen!  Be that as it may, they all seem to have passion, enthusiasm, charisma, and a sense of humor that I find refreshing.  Being the newbie that I am to the cruiser lifestyle, I am looking forward to absorbing their knowledge, wisdom and womanly perspective as we prepare ourselves and Adventure Us 2 for departure.  Sometimes Michael just doesn't connect with my requirements.  I can't believe he said I can not have a whirlpool tub in the admirals head.

Soon we will be moving onto our boat and I am sure that I will have lots of questions and will need support as I go through a major change in lifestyle.  

Ladies, thank you for being there!  

I am looking forward to many 'online chick-fests' with every one of y'all.... however, it might be a little difficult to top the 'bra rant' thread!

You can read all about these Amazing Women here: