Friday, October 11, 2013

The Sisterhood: by Janet Lee

My last post mentioned the Facebook page, Women Who Sail.  Sunday I had the delight of meeting one of the women who is a member of the page.  We had both made a  comment on the same conversation stream about how hot and muggy it was because of all the passing showers.  Her comment positioned her in Kemah, TX which surprised me because Michael and I were at West Marine in Kemah, Texas
We both diverted to personal messaging and continued to communicate.  I happened to mention we were headed to Outriggers for some lunch with friends.  Well,  just as we were finishing up our lunch, I noticed a woman looking around as though she was looking for someone, and then our eyes met.  She pointed at me, and I pointed at her!   You would have thought we were long lost friends who had not seen each other in years!   What is it about women that when we share viewpoints, experiences, and goals with other women, even though it is only in print, we feel instantly connected?  You don't see men running up to each other hugging.  Probably a good thing!  I guess it is some kind of sisterhood we share, or some kind of inner web that connects us.  Whatever it is, I am happy to be a part of that sisterhood, and I am extremely happy to have connected with another sister.
After our friends left; My Michael and I visited with Diane and Paul at the restaurant for awhile.  We invited them over to have a look at Adventure Us 2, which was only minutes away.  During our visit we chit-chatted about our pasts, about our plans, and about our beliefs while the boys conversed in their own macho language that only men seem to understand.   I noticed at some point they opened the door to the engine room, so I'm quite sure they were bonding at some kind of stereotypical, masculine, chest pounding level.  The afternoon was very pleasant and Michael and I we hope to do it again soon.  Before they left, I had Michael take a few photos of Diane and I.
The pose....