Monday, December 2, 2013

Adventure Us 2 Talks to Me, by H. Michael

If your attitude is such that you believe one can only communicate with humanoids; don't read this post.   If your stance on life allows you to look at an object, but not consider the energy emitted from that object; don't read this post.  If you are of the mindset that non living objects can't communicate with people who are willing to listen; don't read this post.    If you are able to view an object and walk away without acknowledging the vigor sheathed inside the object; don't read this post.  However, if you have ever looked at a sunset and felt the power of the sun and earth communicating in a brilliant display of partnership and alliance; you may choose to continue reading.  If you have ever looked at an old, used, piece of wood and thought about the message buried deep within the character of the wood; you may choose to continue reading.  If you can relate to Robert Duvall in this scene from "Days of Thunder"; you may choose to continue reading.

The first part of the paragraph above should be considered a warning.  Do not get angry at me because you have decided to read the personal thoughts I am about to transcribe.  Do not send me mail subjecting me to an angry diatribe because we do not share the same philosophy.  I am not being blasphemous, nor am I being sacrilegious.  I am simply relating personal feelings, sentiments, and emotions the Great Creator has bestowed upon me as an individual.  I will respect your thoughts, if you will respect mine, but if yours don't agree with mine; keep them to yourself.  (JL thinks I  should add a smiley face emoticon here.)   Therefore.  :-)

Adventure Us 2 speaks to my soul.  Occasionally I sit in the cockpit and listen to her declare all the places she wants to go.   Out into the Gulf of Mexico, down to Corpus and back.

"Oh, and let's go to Mexico, and maybe stay awhile.  And when the time is right let's go east along the Gulf Coast, all the way to Marathon.  I've been there before and will show you some cool places.  We can round the corner of Florida and go into the Atlantic, continuing east to the Bahamas, I've been there several times.  We can travel down the thorny path to the windward and leeward islands of the Caribbean Sea.  Oh, I know I will absolutely love the warm waters of the Caribbean.  After a while, when we feel like it, we can transit the Panama Canal and go north all the way into the Sea of Cortez." 

It is impossible for me to ignore Adventure Us 2's tenacity.    I am often awe struck by her persistence, vigor, and spirit of adventure.

Just the other day, after I had finished a large project and was wondering what project to start next, she unexpectedly and surprisingly whispered in my ear. 

"Michael, please check my belts for proper alignment."

I did, and the alternators were whacked way out.

"Please look at, and tighten these screws."

I did and they were all very loose....

"Look at this bolt."

It was showing signs of fatigue....

"Replace this hose."

Cracked, and weak....

She is never bossy, but very persistent with her suggestions.    I believe she knows the demands water travel can place on her, and I am always happy to respect her recommendations.  She is a lady with great desire, and aspirations.  I feel I must do my part to prepare her for her destiny.

Just last Saturday, after I had invested a long day in her character, she seemed to sigh a breath of relaxation for the evening.  She appeared grateful for the hard work and devotion I had bestowed on her that day.   During these special moments I tell her about all the things I want to do to her to make her stronger, and prettier.  She listens intently and responds in her magical way known only to those of us that pay attention .