Friday, June 27, 2014

It's All About Vanity, by Janet Lee

I know that trying to decide which items we should have on Adventure US 2 will be trial and error.  Not having the convenience of items we are used to in our every day lives will be an adjustment for the both of us, and just might cause me to have a mini-meltdown. 

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Lately, I have been asking myself:  'do I need, or do I want' to have a particular item on board?  It doesn't matter, at this point, which item.  It could be any item.

In Michael's case, he will have difficult decisions regarding which tools should make the cut.   Obviously, commonly used tools will need to be on the boat, and probably more than one or two of them, incase one is dropped over board, or one breaks.  Presently, he has many, yes many,  small, blue zippered bags that hold an assortment of useful tools.   The problem for me is all the little, bags look alike!   I suggested we I purchase a silver sharpie and mark each bag with it's contents so if I am sent to retrieve an item, as his gopher, I won't waste 15 minutes on a search and find mission just for a simple flat head.  I'm not sure he appreciates how pretty I can make his tool bags look by adding some real nice frilly calligraphy.

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Now, my case is a little different because I am woman and I want need a few items that will aid in keeping what I call my 'vanity sanity'.  A flat iron and a hair dryer will be two of my most important items, along with the obvious; mascara and lip gloss.  I don't have curly thick hair to deal with so a powerful hair dryer is not necessary.   I was blessed with fine, straight hair, and I think I could get by with a 12 volt hair dryer and 12 volt curling iron.  (Is there such a thing as a 12 volt curling iron, or hair dryer?)   My hair can dry in the sun and breeze in less than 5 minutes, but it will dry flat and straight.  A hair dryer will help give my hair height and fluff, and the flat iron will help add bounce.   Yes, I know it will probably be hot and humid, but there is something to be said about trying to look better.  Even if the results of the attempt do not last, I will feel prettier.  And remember, I am woman and when I feel prettier; H Michael everyone is happier!  
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 Of course maybe I could just buy another hat or two!

photo by H. Michael