Friday, March 28, 2014

My Heart Cries - by Janet Lee

Twenty-five years after the Exxon Valdez disaster a sheen of oil still shimmers across the waters of Prince William Sound in Alaska.  Will mankind's carelessness ever cease?

After witnessing the collision of a ship and barge at the Texas City Intracoastal intersection and the Houston ship channel on Galveston Bay a few days ago, I ask myself these questions.   Why were these ships out in the dense fog?  Visibility was so poor when we left the Harbor House dock and approached the ship channel the very same tanker that hit the barge was ghosting in and out of sight as he passed 100 yards in front of us.  I'm sure they are accustomed to traveling in such poor conditions, but why didn't they pick each other up on radar or AIS?  Was this just pure carelessness?   My heart is crying.  

 Photo by Janet Lee Knizner-Enders

The bay life that break the water's surface such as dolphins, birds, fish and other aquatic life forms are in obvious danger.  What makes matters worse, if that is possible, is during this time of year this area caters to spring migration and the Bolivar Peninsula is part of the Bird Looping Trail.

Internet Photo

In Texas, the brown pelican is already endangered because of man. The runoff from land was, and still is, polluted with pesticides.  This nearly devastated the population around the Texas Coast by damaging the pelican's eggs.   But in recent years the population of the brown pelican is slowly recovering. Coastal power lines are another hindrance. These huge birds would fly into the lines killing them instantly or breaking their wings, sending them into a dive bomb to a painful death.  Now, once again, oil in the Gulf....mankind's error.  

                                                                    Internet Photo

When will we learn?  Why can't WE adapt to nature?  Do we just think we can move into their territory and take over?  We did it to the American Indian... now we are doing it to our God given gifts.
                                                                       Internet Photo