Thursday, April 17, 2014

I'm a Rebel Rebel, by H. Michael

By now, most of the free world has heard about the misfortunes of the crew of Rebel Heart.   Their tribulation has been plastered all over national media, forums, blogs, and I'm sure in many private conversations.  Some outwardly and passionately admire them for their undertaking and chosen lifestyle, while others heatedly condemn them for undertaking such a challenge, and way of life.  Both sides present well founded reasons for their choice, and are equally quick to point out fault with the counter view.  I am not at all surprised by the attention they are receiving on all fronts or by the contrast in opinions.  Let me emphatically state; I am not hear to weigh in on either side.  (I have my opinion, and I intend to keep it mine.)  Thankfully they are safe, albeit a little poorer for the loss, or perhaps richer for the experience.  

I have been waiting for the maelstrom of opinion to subside, but I can see a second round of turbulence is beginning to unfold.  Hold on tight to your britches because the profiteers are starting to swarm, and I certainly have an opinion regarding this infestation.  

I understand the psychological need to feel as though one is part of a group.  After all, there truly is safety in numbers.  The more tribe members that have the same lifestyle or opinion as me; the more protected and secure I can feel that I am making the right choices, and the less careful I need to be to survive.  And by aggressively assaulting the opposite opinion or code of standard, I can add justification to the pack, gain momentum, and add value to the belief, or lifestyle, or even my very existence.  However, and let me be brief because it is not really my point.  Certainly the righteous have no need to bolster an opinion because being right doesn't allow for an alternative, and without opposition the need to promote is eliminated.  I get it.

All of the heavyweights on various sailing blogs and other social media have expressed opinions and have made there presence known as to which side of the fence they sit.  I really don't have any objection to this form of dialogue with readers.  But, and here is the point: It is wrong to sell a personal opinion of what is truly not your story, but someone else's story, for profit.

There is a story, and it is the story of Rebel Heart.  Once the story is told by them; you may all, once again gather to scrutinize and further dissect the carcass.  But until they bring their story to us, stay out of it, muthafucaas.

Peace, out.