Sunday, June 23, 2013

We All Get To Be a Super Hero Once in a While. By JLee

Michael and I  went to the boat after our late Sunday lunch and as we walked down the dock Michael commented that something was not right.  The AC was not running and he definitely left it on.  After entering the boat he checked the water pump to find that there were two small fish in the strainer.  He handed it to me to clean and as the water from the sink was running into the strainer, one fish stared to squirm and wiggle.  Being the female of the species I screamed shouted: "It's alive"!  I scooped it up and ran up the companion way and dropped it into the water.  When I returned to the galley I finished cleaning the filter and started to scooped up the dead fish to dispose of it and it started to wiggling in my hand.

Round two...scoop, run, and drop. 

Synopsis....I saved two lives today! 
Someone please bring me my super hero cape.